What Your Driving Says About You On A Date

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Driving says a lot about a person; it does to me, anyway. Under no other situation do I judge more quickly and more severely the nature of someone’s character than watching him behind the wheel. Watching a person’s driving is a window into their soul. Which means, of course, that if someone picks you up for a date, you can tell a hell of a lot about them before you even arrive to your destination. You can also bet that if you’re the one driving you’re being judged.

First of all,

Never date a tailgater. If someone is tailgating, they’re telling you many things: a) They’re stupid, because tailgating achieves basically nothing. They’re an angry spoiled child that wants their way in spite what the laws of physics dictate. b) They have a (most likely) unrealistically high opinion of their importance in society. Are they the President of the United States of America? Are they rushing to an emergency scene to save someone’s life? Probably not. They just think arriving 5 minutes later will ruin their day. (By the way, it’s not good to date someone who is consistently late, and a tailgater might be late all the time because they have problems putting other people before themselves.) c) They don’t even care about their own safety or their car. If they rear-end someone, it’s guaranteed that they’ll just get out of their car and blame the person they hit. Tailgaters are just assholes.

Do they slide through stop signs without stopping? They’re probably just very lazy. Look around the inside of her car; there are probably a bunch of candy wrappers and empty coke cans on the floor and in the back seat. Their room and their social life are probably equally messy.

Do they speed up when someone is trying to pass them? They’re too competitive. You will never win an argument with this person.

Do they speed up when someone is trying to pass them and then slow down when they gain the lead? They’re just oblivious to other people and selfish. They won’t ever notice what you need or want.

Do they drive below the speed limit? They might be super laid back, or they might be trying to lead by example, but failing. “Look, people…this is the speed that everyone should maintain.”

Do they speed like crazy all the time, going much faster than the regular flow of traffic? They’re a loose cannon, and probably take chances they shouldn’t take all day long. The sex will probably be good but as far as your safety is concerned, you might be taking a risk.

Do they ride slowly in the passing lane? Here’s another guy trying to set the pace for the world. He’s a frustrated law enforcer and he’ll be a control freak in your relationship.

Do they text nonstop while driving? They’re immature and not responsible enough for you. Plus, they probably talk way too much in person as well.

Nobody drives perfectly all the time, but if your date is a chronic texter, tailgater, or speed freak, beware. They’ll carry their habits into your relationship and probably not in ways you’re going to like.