Old People Care More About Compatibility Than Status, Says Science

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Now that the internet has been around for 30 years, old people are finally getting around to figuring it out. And what are they doing with it? They’re finding love, and their version of online dating is a bit different than the version of the younger generation.

Wendy K. Watson and Charlie Stelle of Bowling Green State University released a study claiming online dating site’s fastest growing customers are people over 60. But that’s not all:

[T]hey are finding that older adults appear to market themselves differently on online dating sites than younger adults. Gone is the focus on appearance and status. They believe the senior population appears to be more interested in honest self-representation and being compatible rather than discussing areas such as sexual prowess and nightlife.

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It turns out, instead of talking about getting drunk every weekend, older people are interested in “personal characteristics such as affection, intelligence, independence, purpose and goals, religion and spirituality, political beliefs, health and status.” Isn’t that just precious?

Seriously, though. Perhaps we should take some tips from our grandmothers. After all these years, they must know a thing or two about love, right?

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Okay. That was educational. Now let’s watch this adorable video of old people using their web cam for the first time and not realizing the camera is on. Thank God they didn’t say anything racist or inappropriate. This video is actually so adorable it makes me want to be 80, like now.