9 Reasons You Should Just Ask Them Out, Already

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It’s good for you.

Asking someone out will make you a better person: You’ll learn to ask what you want, and you’ll learn to deal with rejection, too. You become a more experienced and worldly person. It also beefs up your social skills.

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It’s Exciting

When you ask someone out, your adrenaline is high and you’re up for anything. Asking for that raise. Signing up for that class. Jumping off a bridge (safely). Asking out someone else. In fact…


You’ll Do It More

If you get comfortable with asking people out, you’ll see that it’s no big deal. You’ll get really good at it. It will become second nature to you, and people will notice. They will love your confidence.

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It’s A Huge Compliment For The Other Person

Don’t you wish someone would ask you out? Even if you say no? Even if you live in another state? Even if you’re not single? It just feels good!


Falling On Your Ass Is Healthy In Moderation

Remember how when, as a toddler, you’d fall on your ass and feel like it was the end of the world and for a second start crying and your parents are just kind of laughing at you, and you’re like what injustice!? That’s because they knew what you didn’t know as a toddler: you have to fall down so you can get back up. If you go your whole life with nobody saying no, you will have no sense what it’s like to be human.

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You’ll Have A Good Story

Do you want to die without at least 20 hilarious ask-out stories? You are going to need something to tell the grandkids. Or at least your drunk friends at a bar on Friday night. These stories make our lives more interesting —  no matter how they turn out. And when you decide to settle down with someone, you won’t be able to get any more of them. So get them while they’re hot.


You Could Make A Friend

Even if things don’t work out, you could still make a good connection. There might be a reason you were drawn to that person — and even if it doesn’t end up being sexual chemistry, there is probably something there. Who knows? That person could give you a kidney some day!

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What Else Are You Gonna Do?

Umm, so if the option is not asking them out and staying home, I really hope we don’t have to weigh our options. My mom always says, before making anything from trivial to very important decisions, “Can’t Hurt, Might Help, Do It!” (The reverse works, too.)

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They May Say Yes!

Wow! It could happen. It does all the time. Good luck.

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