Why Friends With Benefits Doesn’t Really Work

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I am a very busy man with a successful career and am on the brink of rising to the next level, which requires a lot of time.   For those reasons I don’t wish to be in a serious relationship.  However I have needs, and I occasionally get together with a woman whom I dated for a few months.  I’ve been very open and honest with her that I don’t want a serious relationship and it’s just sex and she acts like she’s fine with that.  Problem is though; she starts making emotional demands and gets angry that I can’t spend more time with her.  She ends up leaving me, only to contact me again down the road.  What should I do?

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Unless you truly want a relationship or can tolerate the drama, you should stop seeing her.  A friend with benefits situation rarely works out as inevitably one person develops emotions for the other.  It might not be right away, or even a few months in, but emotions will arise.   So, if all you want is to satisfy your needs, then hire someone for sex or begin what I imagine will be a difficult search for a woman who shares the same needs as you and is capable of compartmentalizing her emotions. Frankly there’s a better chance of gas prices dipping below a dollar than finding such a woman.

While there’s something exciting about the push-pull of the on again, off again relationship, for the woman there’s also something completely demoralizing about it.  Most women, deep down, want a guy who says “You are the one I want, and I’m willing to do anything to make that happen.”  So while your woman might temporarily get off on the hot make-up sex, eventually she’ll stop respecting you and she’ll either demand a full commitment or leave you, once-and-for-all.

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Men and women handle and react to sex differently, and no matter how much she says she only wants sex — and she may, indeed, only want that — the reality is she is going to react emotionally to it, become attached to you, whether she wants to or not.  The release of pheromones and the hormone oxytocin play a role in attraction and the bonding experience that is undeniably strong.  That said though, I don’t think you’d be hooking up with the same woman over and over again unless you felt something for her — no matter how much you say it “is just sex”.  So, some introspection on your part and trying to find balance between your career and dating life might serve you well.

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