Women and Men Sext For Different Reasons, Says Science

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Wired‘s Ogi Ogas says he has discovered exactly why we sext. In “The Urge To Sext Naked Self-Portraits Is Primal“, he argues that men sext to show off, and women sext because they are trying to seem sexually irresistible to men. That, he says, is what drives women to enter wet t-shirt contests and appear on Girls Gone Wild videos.

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Siting a statistic that 1/4 Chatroulette cameras are aimed at penises (that number sounds surprising, but anyone who has actually spent time on Chatroulette will not actually be surprised), he concludes that men just want to whip out their penises all the time.

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I’m not sure Ogas is being fair. What if I want to show off my body because I am proud of it and want to show it off, all dude-like? Don’t some women do that? Anyone? (Ogas would say no.) It’s also, as Jezebel points out, a heteronormative argument. The only time LGBTQ people are mentioned is in a quick reference to the fact that the only profitable penis websites are geared toward gay men. But hey, I’m no scientist, I’m just a primal sexter who wants to show off her boobs for male attention.


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