Wise Words On Breakups (From A Skywriter Who’s Heard It All)

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One of my friends was talking to a skywriter recently (don’t ask), and they got around to talking about breakups. Having fielded a lot of revenge requests from jilted lovers, he had some pretty wise words:

“After a breakup, it’s human nature to think that whatever is coming next, whatever’s in store for you, is going to be bad. That it’s never gonna be as good as it was. But that’s not true. It’s hard to realize at the time, but the fact of the matter is that if you’re breaking up, it’s not the right thing. Whatever’s next is going to be better, whatever that is. I try to tell these girls this when they want to hire me to fly a banner that says “My Ex Has a Small [Part of the Male¬†Anatomy]*.

*he was too much of a gentleman to say it