Women Like Rosy-Cheeked Men, Says Science

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Good news for guys who resemble Pikachu. Men who blush are hot now. At least that’s what the University of St. Andrews tells us in a recent study.

Apparently, a bright/ruddy skintone is short for “alpha male” in our subconscious. (But this doesn’t mean guys should go crazy with the blush: too red and you seem threatening.)

In the study, female participants were told to manipulate photos of male faces to make them look better. In each case, the skin color was made more pink.

Anyone who’s followed the animal kingdom closely shouldn’t be surprised: female birds love them some richly-hued male birds. Apparently, vivid coloring indicates good health and circulation.

Tell us: Do you find yourself drawn to ruddy-cheeked dudes?

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Despite zero experience, Yelena Shuster is currently developing a natural-looking blush for men that will make her a gazillionare once this study blows up.