Women Don’t Actually Like To Watch Sports — They Do It For Guys, Says Science

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A study in the journal Communication, Culture and Critique has concluded that women don’t like sports, and any woman who says otherwise is a liar. Women, it theorizes, watch sports so they can bond with their husbands and to make guys like them.

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I’m not even going to get into how ridiculous this is — we all know women who love watching sports as much, if not more than their male partners. And if this study were even remotely true, why are there lesbian sports fans? What’s in it for them?

Don’t worry, the study goes even more  in depth:

When married women did tune in to a sporting event for their own pleasure, it was most likely by accident and lasted for only a short time, researchers said.

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So that’s why you love ice skating so much, ladies.

Women also don’t have time to sit down and watch sports. Why? All the crazy housework they have to do, of course! I think they must have been pooling characters from Leave It To Beaver.

Speaking of the research pool, that is the biggest problem about this study.   The researchers talked to 19 people. So the most ridiculous thing here isn’t the findings, it’s that this information is floating around the internet as a study at all. If we are going to make a statement this huge, I think we should support it with bigger numbers.

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Jezebel‘s Erin Gloria Ryan put it best:

Anyone who would conclude that every single female sports fan was faking it for spousal approval has a vastly inflated idea the importance of husbands’ feelings to a woman’s mental well-being. Faking orgasms is one thing. But faking fandom? That would take some pretty convincing shrieks and way too much effort.