So You're Single

Yogis are Looking for Love in Downward Dog at Yoga Speed-Dating Events

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Asking a woman for her number while you’re both doing downward-facing dog might not be ideal, but that’s exactly what Denver yoga instructor Amy Baglan hopes to accomplish with YogaDates, her Denver-based yoga speed-dating events.

“It’s very absurd that in classes, you go into the studio and it’s just silence, but filled with people,” Baglan said in an interview with DailyItem. “Nobody’s talking, but everybody has a shared interest and most likely shared values, but they’re not getting to know each other.”

For each speed-dating event, Baglan brings together about 15 men and 15 women for a yoga class. Everyone has time to mingle before the poses start, then the women will place their mats in a circle — much like at traditional speed-dating events during which the women stay seated — and the men will have a chance to approach them using icebreakers Baglan or another instructor provides. The pairs will try a pose together (Baglan says she’s sure to avoid potentially awkward, intimate poses) before a bell rings, signaling a new round. Afterward, yogis are free to mingle with wine and snacks, and organizers will email yogis who expressed mutual interest in one another.

Granted, trying to look cute would be the last thing on my mind while attempting Warrior I pose, but yoga is supposed to be good for stress, and what’s more stressful than trying to hit it off on a blind date?