You Can Finally Give Something a Thumbs Down on Facebook

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Thumbs up and down symbols

Your friend drops a bad pun in message, posts a vomit-worthy couple photo, shares a list of the 47 Funniest Steve Urkel Moments. Options for retaliation are limited: Ignore or vocalize with a written response. For being a social media platform of the future, Facebook is leaving us passive-aggressive Millennial types dying for more.

Until now.

Hearing the cries of millions, Facebook has updated its “Sticker Store” (Mark Zuckerberg’s emoji equivalent) with a new package that contains a “Dislike” icon. Since the advent of the thumbs up “Like” button, Facebook users have imagined an inverse variation, capable of sucking the wind out from under friends’ wings. While the cartoonish hands can’t be used on walls — yet — the inclusion of “Dislike” in Messenger could be the harbinger to universal Facebook h8ting.

The package also includes a heart hand, a flowers hand, a peace hand, a poke hand, and what’s either a hang ten hand or a devil horn’s hand, depending on what circles you run in.

The introduction of the “dislike” calls for an immediate etiquette lesson. Here’s how to not accidentally ruin your life with this toy.

DO use the “dislike” button to nix a dinner option: “Chinese?” “Dislike.” “Italian.” “Like!”

DO use the “dislike” button towards any ugly sweater suggestions: “You would look really cute in this sweater, don’t you think?” “Dislike”

DON’T use the “dislike” button to agree that something is sad: “So bad news, by great grandma just passed away.” “Dislike.”

DO use the “dislike” button to communally trash an update/news/story: “So that douchebag Greg got the promotion I was chasing.” “Dislike.” “Dislike.” “Dislike.” “Dislike.”

DON’T use the “dislike” button to shut down a budding relationship you’re ready to bail from: “Wanna grab a coffee tomorrow?” “Dislike” “Is that a no?” “Dislike.” “Do you want to meet somewhere else?” “Dislike.” “WTF are you trying to say? You don’t want to hang out with me?” “Dislike.”

Image via Veer