Your Boyfriend Is So Happy For You! So, So Happy. Really. Happy.

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9b1050a608fa9e3479f268053a1e348aAccording to a recent article from The Cut, a study done by the American Psychological Association has proven that your boyfriend actually feels shittier about himself when you succeed.

It may sound harsh but there is actual science to back it up.

During one experiment, researchers told 32 couples from the University of Virginia that their partner had scored in either the top or bottom 12th percentile of all university students on “a test of problem solving and social attendance.” Obviously, no one admitted to feeling bad about where they were placed, but the men who’s partners had scored in the top 12 showed “significantly lower implicit self-esteem” then those with partners in the bottom 12.

Women’s self-esteem weren’t affected by their partners outcome, but rather, they actually felt better about their relationship when their partner succeeded.

So the next time you sense a hint of jealousy from your boyfriend after you get a big promotion, don’t take it personally! It’s simply that his entire self image is based on being better than you. That’s all.

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