Your Eyes Reveal Whether You’re Straight, Gay, Or Bi, Says Science

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You may think your gaydar is accurate, but this news is huge — science is now saying that enlarged pupils can determine a person’s sexuality, revealing whether they are straight, gay, bi, or somewhere in between.

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In the past, determining one’s sexuality usually involved self-reports or invasive exams, but now, it seems, it’s all in the eyes.

For the study, 325 straight, gay, or bi partipants were shown 30 second video clips of men and women masturbating. Researchers tracked their gaze and measured their pupil dilation with infrared lens, and tracked where they looked during erotic video clips with both men and women.

Women had dilated pupils no matter what (which makes sense, because research shows that women are equally turned on by both sexes), but men who reported themselves as heterosexuals had more dilated pupils (and were more aroused) by a female than a male. Men who classified themselves as bisexuals, had dilated pupils while seeing erotic videos of both sexes. This goes against the current thinking some scientists hold that there is no presence of ‘bisexualism’ in men, and that it is instead the transition of men from thinking they are straight to accepting that they are gay.

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“With this new technology we are able to explore sexual orientation of people who would never participate in a study on genital arousal, such as people from traditional cultures. This will give us a much better understanding how sexuality is expressed across the planet,” said Gerulf Rieger, lead author of the study.


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