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Are Women Actually More Confident on the Dating Scene than Men?

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In pop culture, women are stereotypically perceived as more nervous when it comes to a first date than are their male counterparts. But did that closet envy scene from Clueless — when Cher tries on 42 cocktail dresses before a meeting a new guy for a simple night at the movies — mislead us about the actual confidence women have when embarking on a possible new love affair?

A recent survey by Elite Singles was published on the website Independent Woman, with 71 percent of women reporting they feel they hold control over the outcome of a first date. Both men and women surveyed felt confident in their ability to be perceived positively by their date, but women far outweighed the men when it came to confidence in snagging a second date. The majority of women said they’d be the one to give the green light on a second date, while only 46 percent of men felt they could call the shots.

Perhaps men are portrayed as the ones confident enough to make the first move in the dating scene, but it’s women who are claiming to have the power to decide whether a relationship goes any further.