10 Reasons to Date a Graffiti Artist

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All boroughs of New York City are abuzz wondering if Banksy will grace one of their littered streets, walls, or bridges with his singular tags during his one-month art residency, Better Out Than In. The media blitz over this legendary graffiti provocateur has us thinking about dating a city stenciler. Isn’t there something intrinsically sexy about Banksy, even if none of us have ever seen his face?

Why should you take a risk on a graffiti artist? Here are ten reasons why.

1. They keep the mystery alive.
Keeping an air of mystery about your identity, whether going by a pseudonymn or working in secret, is alternately one of the most attractive and frustrating things a person could do. Something about the relationship will always feel novel.

2. They’re often politically or socially aware.
Some delinquents just tag to just tag, but graffiti artists like Banksy are artists for a reason. They disseminate a subversive outlook of the political and social climate all across the public sphere. If that isn’t hot grass-roots activism, I don’t know what is.

3. You could find love notes sprawled across the city for you.
The city could become a personalized love letter to you: a cursive “Always” on a brick wall here, a stenciled heart on a dumpster there. Even if you break up, you can walk the city waxing nostalgic as you pass graphic monuments to your past romance.

4. They will introduce you to the underground art scene.
You’ll get to know an art world completely separate from the mainstream. And not just in the patented hipster “I liked it before you ever heard of it” way. You’ll rub elbows with artists who will never become household names, but whose music, paintings, and books will shape you for the rest of your life.

5. They know all the city shortcuts and back roads.
We’re not saying they know the off-the-map parts of town because they’ve had practice running from the cops, but we’re also not not saying that.

6. You’re dating a badass.
Graffiti artists are sort of like low-grade criminals. They’re perfect if you’ve always wanted to date the bad boy/bad girl type, but haven’t mustered up enough mettle to actually date one. Fulfill your Jess from Gilmore Girls fantasies.

7. You could be a muse.
This falls in the realm of any artist, but think of the ego boost when your love shows up, their hands stained with paint, and tells you there’s a mural in Tribeca with your face in it.

8. They know the best places to view the skyline.
This is someone who has climbed a billboard or two in their day. You know how some smug apartment-owners bring you up on their roof exclaiming, “You’ve never seen a view like this before!” Graffiti artists can actually tell you that and it won’t just be a humblebrag.

9. Think of the holiday cards.
Calligraphy is a major turn-on. Shopping lists, post-it notes, and birthday cards will be rife with their trademark font. You’ll actually want to send out thank you notes and holiday cards this year.

10. They’re very giving.
Graffiti artists are philanthropic by nature. They put their art in an open space where people can enjoy it for free. Imagine how that translates to massages and small just-because gifts. Even Banksy donates thousands a year to charities to help blind children and he doesn’t even take credit for it by name.

Image via BanksyNY.