10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Curvy Girl Right Now

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More cushin’ for the pushin’, baby got back, more to love, yadda, yadda, yadda. No bones about it, here’s why a curvy girl’s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.


We make the best cuddlers.

We’re pretty sure that there are some very scientific studies floating around stating that curvy girls have softer skin that anyone else. Also, curvy figures happen to be perfectly proportioned for cuddling. And hugging. And whatever else comes next.


One word: Motorboating.

Some (in fact, a lot) of curvy ladies are well-stacked. If you label yourself a “boobs” man (or woman)  then count your lucky stars. You’ve hit the flesh jackpot.


We have a fantastic sense of humor.

It must be all the fat jokes, because curvy ladies are funny. For a full-figured girl, we know it’s not all about our hot, curvy body, but about our smarts and sense of humor.  We have great personalities. And that’s not to say we have a face made for radio.


We’re winners.

It’s true: In a professional wrestling match, Curvy Girl vs. Skinny Girl, the former is the undefeated national (heavyweight) champion of the world.


We don’t count our calories. Or yours.

Michelob Ultra Light or a Skinnygirl Marg are not in our vocab, and juice cleanses make us want to hurl. We’ll take a craft beer, thankyouverymuch. And though we’re probably not hogging down on a fourth meal, we’re not going to count calories, fat grams or even your pant size on a date. We just want to take those puppies off of you at the end of the night.


Two words: Joan Holloway.

Hollywood has put the curvy starlet back on the map–and for good reason. Joan Holloway’s character on Mad Men has some seriously bodacious curves. Sofia Vergara proudly displays her sexy figure on television’s Modern Family. And Jennifer Lopez did not take out a 27 million dollar insurance policy on her ass because men love a flat bottom girl. That’s 13.5 million a cheek.


We can hold our booze.

Curvy girls eat. Therefore curvy girls can hold their booze. That’s just good math. Oh, and we’re good at math. (Actually, the last one was mostly a lie.)


We’ll butter your biscuit.

Most curvy girls know their way around a kitchen. Those of us that do like to cook will like doing it for you. And guess what? It’s going to be damn good.


We’ll give you a piggyback if you twist your ankle.

See number four above. Not only are we willing and ready in a time of need, but we’re tough cookies who don’t snap in two under a little pressure.


We’re phat. Not fat.

HUGE difference.