10 Things That Were Awesome About Crushing In School

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For the entire four years of high school, I was boyfriend-less. And I could “blame” this on a number of factors like the size of my school or the fact that I was bookish and prone to be moody. More likely it’s because of the fact that I felt awkward and unglamorous and totally let down by what Saturday morning television and 90210 had led to believe what high school would be like.

What I did have were sporadic kisses, sweet afternoons spent in the city with the rare boy who was smitten, a date to the prom that I completely regret (in fact if I could I’d take back that whole night) and five very memorable crushes along with a slew of not so memorable ones. There’s something awesome about crushing on someone in school, something that can’t be replicated so relish it while you can or just relive the bittersweet memories with 10 things that were awesome about crushing when you were in school:

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Even in the smallest of schools in the most podunk of towns I dare you to not find at least three people worth temporarily swooning over.



School setting provided the ideal situations for crushing because you were close but not too close. Three seats behind someone alternately felt like an infinite chasm and just enough distance for you to make flirty eye contact.



“Is he looking at me?”, “Is my hair okay?”, “He called me babe, do you think that means he likes me too?” These and countless other similar questions have been asked in classrooms the world over and will continue to be asked until the end of time. Not because they’re deep philosophical questions or even because the person asking really cares about the answer but rather because we had someone to ask. A built in support system went a long way in sustaining and even fueling more than a few school crushes.



“You heard he’s dating who?”, “Are you sure you saw him there yesterday?”, “What bus did you say he took?” Unlike questions which you asked because you were looking for reassurance, these types of questions got asked because you wanted information. And even if the info wasn’t necessarily what you wanted, knowing it was there was awesome.



You know that awkward moment where you see someone hot in the coffee shop and you can’t think of any good reason to introduce yourself so instead you stand there all stumped and feeling kind of like a stalker? Those moments didn’t happen in school. Or at least they didn’t have to because you had a built in reason to approach anyone who caught your eye. If they were in your class you could ask about homework. If they were an upperclassmen you could ask about expectations from a teacher or if they were an underclassmen you could offer to show them around.



Unless you were sick or they were sick there was a good chance that you could see them (and swoon over them) in person without worrying that you were coming off like some sort of crazy stalker.


Showing off

Sometimes it’s hard to convey your talents without coming off like you’re self-absorbed and school provided a perfect platform to flaunt at least a little of what you were good at whether it was wicked math skills or a great fashion sense. And as a bonus if you were an athlete or an academic superstar there was usually an announcement about it.


Public Relations…really

Unless you were a total loner you had at least one friend who’d sing your praises within earshot of your crush. Someone who’d mention how cute you looked or how smart you were or who’d outright ask the object of your desire if they felt the same way.


School work

When there were a few days without intel or when you realized that the cute thing they did was really annoying there was always a project to do or a paper to write, some type of busy work that’d get your mind off of them.


Selection — again

All crushes eventually come to an end but being in a school setting meant that you never had to go more than a few days without someone new to feel all flirty towards. Because when one crush ended there was someone else to take their place.

And Antonio Rodriguez, if you’re reading this I totally had a crush on you way back when…