5 Reasons to Date a Teacher

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The only people more excited than kids during the summer are teachers during the summer. And with all that free time not spent arguing with kids, teachers have a lot more free time to go out on dates with you.  Here’s why you should date one.



We’re easily impressed.

After spending all day cooped up with students and answering the eternal question of “Can I use the bathroom?” we’re ready to do something, anything, that doesn’t involve people significantly younger than us asking where the nearest lavatory is located.

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We can talk about anything.

Half the battle of teaching is figuring out how to relate to individual students. If we can relate to a variety of kids who, for example, like to eat paper, the chances are good that we’ll be able to find something to talk about with you.

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Nothing frightens us.

So you think your family is strange? Don’t sweat it, we’ve probably encountered worse at some point during the school year. Do you wonder if you’re a little too “quirky”? Embrace it because it takes a lot to phase us after watching kids eat boogers all day.

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Your parents will love us.

Teachers have to interact with parents almost as much as kids and we’ve learned a few tricks to get parents on our side. If there’s an art to charming parents, teachers have surely mastered it.

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We’re prepared.

Like my principal often says “The only constant is change” and teachers have learned to deal with it. We know things might not go the way we expected but we are prepared to improvise in just about any situation you give us. So if a date’s not going going quite the way we expected, we aren’t going to morph into a train wreck.

Courtney is one of the last single teachers in the Bible belt. She blogs about it here, and you can follow her on Twitter here.

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