6 Characters You Wish Were Your Wingman (or Wingwoman)

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1. Nick Miller, “New Girl”


Why he’s a good wingman: He’s underachieving, he’s lazy, and he’s easy to talk to. Aside from being a little unconventionally handsome, Nick Miller is the perfect non-threatening wingman. He genuinely cares about his friends and will talk you up, even when you’re being a douche bag. And if he’s interested in the target, fight about it with him for three seconds and he’ll probably just go, “Ehhh. Okay, you can have her.”

How do you think Schmidt gets so many ladies?


2. Olivia Pope, “Scandal”

wingman (2)

Why she’s a good wingwoman: Not in this lifetime (seriously, she’s got enough on her plate), but I bet Olivia was a kick-ass wingwoman in college. A combination of strong options, a tendency to go above and beyond when a person is worth it, a will to do whatever it takes, and the best deductive reasoning on the planet means Olivia Pope will take your target and either: A) Not stop until he realizes you two were clearly meant to be, or B) realize he’s not worth your time and find you someone better.

Okay, sure. She’s astoundingly beautiful. But never underestimate the power of her deductive reasoning skills. She’ll convince the target she barely even exists. She’s so good like that.


3. John “JD” Dorian, “Scrubs”

wingman (3)

Why he’s a good wingman: Goofy, fun, and not afraid to make a fool of himself. JD is prone to genuinely gushing about how much he loves his bros, which would easily make any girl fall for the guy he’s gushing about. Plus he’s so used to people making fun of him, so he’ll fearlessly approach even the most out-of-your-league target, appletini in hand.


4. Callie Torres, “Grey’s Anatomy”

wingman (4)

Why she’s a good wingwoman: She knows how to get boys, she knows how to get girls. She’s got a super big heart, and appreciates the value of a good lay. She’ll go up to anyone you ask her to, no questions asked, disarm them with her goofy charm, and then basically talk their pants off for you. Callie Torres, ladies and gentlemen: World’s most versatile wingwoman.


5. Barney Stinson, “How I Met Your Mother”

wingman (5)

Why he’s a good wingman: Look, I know. He’s kind of gross. Especially all those years ago when we first met him. But you’ve gotta admit, he’s got his tricks down. Barney will get you the girl, no matter what the circumstance. Because even if he totally mucks it up, you can swoop in and look like a saint in comparison.


6. Donna Meagle, “Parks and Recreation”

wingman (6)

Why she’s a good wingwoman: We all know Donna’s got game, right? She’s always got a bubble bath date with a fireman lined up or something. She’s also a firm believer in everyone getting some, she doles out some of the best love advice, and she’s pretty observant. Donna will plan the best course of action to help you acquire your target, and execute it flawlessly. Treat yo’ self to Donna as your wingwoman.


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