Breaking News: Hot People Only Want To Bang Each Other

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Online dating can be a tough bag. There may be “plenty o’ fish in the sea” but there are also “plenty o’ terrifying fish, with dimly lit mirror shots, cats on their heads, or a concerning obsession with antique porcelain dolls.” And of course, all the good fish only want other good fish.

Researchers Kang Zhao and Xi Wang at the University of Iowa developed an algorithm for dating sites that uses a person’s previous contact history on the site to recommend partners with whom they may be more romantically compatible. Their data – provided by a popular commercial online dating company involving 47,000 users in two cities over a 196-day span – suggested that only about 25 percent of initial contacts were actually reciprocated. They projected that their algorithm could increase the response rate from around 25 percent to 44 percent.

In news that no one was surprised by, “the researchers found that their model performed the best for males with athletic body types connecting with females with athletic or fit body types, and for females who indicate they ‘want many kids.’ It also worked best for users who upload more photos of themselves.”

So if you’re an objectively attractive woman with a ticking biological clock, you will most likely respond to a guy with a bunch of ab shots in his profile because science. Or math. Or, you know, basic biological forces that will never change. So get out there ovulating ladies and find the Abercrombie cologne-soaked stud of your dreams!


Image via Veer