6 Reasons You Should Want to Date a Feminist

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You lined up a date with a hot young lawyer for Friday night. And, you found out she litigates cases related to women’s reproductive freedom. In other words, you have lined up a date with a feminist! Well done! Some guys might be intimidated, but here are 6 reasons why you should be psyched.

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You might actually have something to talk about

Feminists are, by definition, educated women. They also tend to read, travel, play golf, hold interesting jobs — heck, they might even be your future boss!

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There is no presumption that you should pay

You can offer. She may accept. She may also offer to go “dutch.” Better yet, she might pick up the check. Remember, feminists are educated women. They sort of see through the antiquated courting rituals of an era in which the highest ambition women had was to marry rich.

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You might get laid on the first date

Again, feminists are educated women. Sex is not one of the many wiles they must use to land a permanent address and membership in a junior league club. They can pay for that life — should they want it — all by themselves. So, sex is, well, just sex.

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Unlikely shotgun wedding scenario in your future

Have I already mentioned that feminists are educated women? Safe sex is part of the package.

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No crying

Not only is there no crying in baseball, but there also is no crying in feminism. If you are being insensitive, shy, or stupid, they are more likely to bail than wail.

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No drama

Feminists don’t run with insipid, gossip-obsessed, desperate housewives. So, you aren’t likely to be swarmed by insipid, bored, friends who want to inspect and survey your every move.

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Jennifer Hansen is an occasional blogger, Hockey Mom, runner, and professor of Philosophy. She also has the distinction of once having the great Lauren Passell in her course.