“Democracy Starts at Home, So Your Place, or Mine?” 15 Election Day Pick Up Lines

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election day

1. “I’m glad the electronic machines are gone, I’ve missed pulling the big handle.”

2. “Is this line long, or is it just happy to see us?”

3. “The only party I’m aligning with is the one I want to have back at your place.”

4. “If going out with you was a referendum, I’d vote yes.”

5. “Don’t know who’s gonna win, but looking at you and my poll is definitely going up.”

6. “Here’s my ‘I voted sticker’… you can put it wherever you want.”

7. “I’d classify myself as bi-partisan curious.”

8. “I’ve always wanted to do it in my old elementary school…”

9. “All in favor of this lady here having dinner with me say ‘ay’.”

10. “I’m trying to decide who’s going to grace my mansion.”

11. “Maybe you can  help me avoid a runoff…”

12. “Yours is the only weiner I’d vote for…”

13. “Room for one more? … in that voting booth?”

14. “Democracy starts at home, so my place or yours?”

15. “Nice I voted sticker. It would look great on the floor of my bedroom.”

Thanks to the HowAboutWe contributors and GChat advisory board for help with this post.