Does a Man’s Underwear Matter to Women?

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Vintage photo of man with crossed arms boxers or briefs

Like many kids in high school during the ’90s and early ’00s, I had a binder with a clear pocket on the front for pictures. Ornamenting my notebook was Swedish soccer player Freddie Ljungberg, whose name I definitely didn’t know back then. This exotic soccer star was only wearing white Calvin Klein briefs. That was also the only time white briefs looked appealing to me. According to the Daily Mail, most women don’t have any opinions about what a man wears, as long as they’re clean. I must not be most women, because I care!

Living up to the standard of a Calvin Klein model or David Beckham is obviously not a standard I expect when a gentleman strips to his skivvies in my presence. However, I do take note what style he’s wearing. If boxers are too loose, briefs too tight, then boxer briefs are just right. They vary in lengths and hip rise, fabric options abound and they fit seamlessly under every style of pant. I don’t understand why every man wouldn’t want to wear them. Notice how most sexy menswear advertisements favor the hybrid and take the hint?

As for all those really crazy undies you’re likely to find at the department store, I could do without them. Simple colors and patterns may seem boring, but maybe it’s the adulthood they imply that is irresistable. Do you shop in the boy’s or the men’s section? Cartoons and witty sayings aren’t whimsical, they’re juvenile. Going overboard in leopard print silk undies isn’t going to attract most women either. There’s something very contrived about it that feels creepy. Keep it simple and don’t distract away from where you actually want that moment to lead, which is one that doesn’t include underwear at all.

[h/t The Globe & Mail]