Food + Your Ex = Mega Jealousy, Says Science

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Your partner probably doesn’t mind too much if you share face-to-face contact with your ex, but according to a new study, sharing a meal could make them green with envy.

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The researchers surveyed 79 undergraduates, asking how they would feel if their boyfriends or girlfriends did different things (like communicating via email, talking on the phone, and getting coffee or food) with an ex for an hour.

Emailing was seen as least threatening, followed by talking on the phone and coffee, experiencing more jealousy from a late-afternoon coffee date than a late-morning one. And obviously, people felt more threatened by dinner than lunch. That’s probably because most people don’t whip out the candlelight, Chianti, and Barry Manilow for lunch.

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“For romantic partners left out of a meal, we find a common view that lunch, for example, is not ‘just lunch,’” they said.

So can we all just stop dining with our exes? Unless your ex is Curtis Stone and he’s cooking, it’s probably  not worth it.

And if you must, if your ex IS Curtis Stone, let’s agree to make sure the “meal” doesn’t look like this (because then your bf/gf will really think you’re up to something):

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