Gay Men Think They’d Date More If They Had Better Abs

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Fit young man.

Gay men feel bad about their bodies and think they’d get asked out more if they were in better shape, says a new survey from dating app Coffee Meets Bagel. Ironically, because from the survey results, it seems like no single gay man will ever be eating a bagel again. Instead, they’ll be exercising, or feeling bad about not exercising, or resolving to exercise more in the future — so, you know, behaving pretty much like everybody else.


According to the very scientific CMB stats, only 21 percent of respondents were “satisfied” with their current body shape. A whopping 92 percent of respondents agreed that “getting in better shape will improve my dating life,” and 90 percent of them saying that they’ve made active attempts to get fit for romantic purposes. Abs, unsurprisingly, are the most popular area of insecurity, with a full 51% of men dissatisfied with their probably-not-six packs. (Only one percent of guys said they felt bad about their thighs, though, so at least there’s that.)

And the men weren’t wrong — or at least, not exactly. Based on their own self-assessments, the single dudes who did get in shape felt their dating lives did improve. But the jump had less to do with their newly toned abs than their newly boosted confidence: 37 percent of respondents said that being fitter made them more likely to ask someone else out, almost double the number who directly credited their hot, hot bods for getting them more dates. So remember: confidence is what counts! (As long as you get your confidence from your abs.)

Image via Veer