9 Great Gifts for Your Favorite (TV/Movie, Phone, & Gamer) Geek

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Over the years, being a geek has become a lot more acceptable. After all, what’s more attractive in a person than being passionate about something? Still, that doesn’t change the fact that you may be stumped thinking of a gift for your significant other who seems to see every movie (and know about every gadget) before you do. Here are some ideas to help.

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For the TV/Movie Geek

Gift Set of the Books Their Favorite Franchise Was Based On
Even some of the biggest fans of television shows and movies haven’t read all the books they were based on. If they have, it’s likely they read them on an e-reader, which doesn’t allow to them to proudly display their nerdom and the 1,200 pages they read by choice on a shelf. Luckily, you can find beautiful box sets of most of these series: look for The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Boardwalk Empire, The Hobbit, True Blood, and Hunger Games.

Blade Runner Umbrella
Here’s a gift that’s not only incredibly geeky, but extremely practical. The iconic Blade Runner umbrella will be instantly recognized by any sci-fi fan, but doubles as a pretty clever way to stay dry and safe while navigating rainy, dark city streets… hunting androids.

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For the Phone Geek

Monoprice External Battery Backup
Dating someone who doesn’t allow you to eat your food until they Instagram it? Chances are they have found themselves running on the dreaded 20% battery more than they would like. Throw one of these in their bag and every time they plug in (which will be daily), you’ll be their lifesaver… then they’ll tweet about it.

10 foot iPhone cable
This may seem a little weird at first, but think of how many times you’ve been charging your phone and had to take a call or text, and then had to bend down, tethered to an outlet near the floor. At 10 feet, this stocking stuffer allows plenty of room wherever your phone geek charges their phone — so they can stand up like a human being.

Portable speaker
Powerful portable speakers have been popping up all over the place lately. With a collapsible body and led lights that change with the music, the iHome iHM61 brings the party anywhere. If you want to spend a bit more for a device that can be thrown in a bag, but has enough volume for a house party, you can’t go wrong with the Soundfreaq. At $99, it has sound better than the Jawbone Jambox at twice the price.

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For the Game Geek

Video Game Artwork
Even if you aren’t a gamer, I guarantee you will still find something you’ll like on sites such as and The gamer in your life will appreciate the gesture, and you’ll appreciate having something else to look at in their apartment other than the carnage on their tv screens.


Cards Against Humanity
Know Apple to Apples? Now imagine an adult version that causes endless tear-filled laughter. With every game leading to a completely different blend of vulgarity, Cards Against Humanity is perfect game to bring out during any dinner party.

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For the Geek Geek

Warby Parker Home Try-On Set
Buying prescription glasses as a gift should be an outright impossible minefield to navigate — and it was, until Warby Parker came along. For $97, Warby Parker sends you five different pairs of trial pairs in a beautiful box to give to your significant other. They then can pick out the ones they like, input their prescription, send back the trial pairs, and the completed pair of choice comes in the mail in days. Even if none of the pairs you initially picked out work for them, they can select more from a wide-variety of stylish well-built frames. Best of all, for every pair sold, Warby Parker donates one to children in need. Santa would approve!

Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug
Show the geek in your life how much you care in a way even their robotic heart will understand.

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