How to Pick Someone Up on an Airplane

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Chiara Atik Modern Dating

I have a friend who meets a guy every single time she flies. I don’t know if she’s figured out how to bribe the flight attendants or what, but she always happens to be sitting next to “a really nice architect, actually, we might meet up for coffee,” or “this guy who went to college with my sister, mind if he tags along tonight?”

I, on the other hand, without fail find myself sitting next to women in their mid-sixties with neck pillows.

And even if there is a cute guy on the flight (there is always a cute guy on the flight), and even if we make accidental eye-contact at the gate, and even if I happen to notice that he happens to be reading a book that I happen to have read last week (built-in ice breaker!), he is inevitably seated six rows back, and no amount of carefully calculated trips past his seat will give us any cause for conversation.

And maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe airplane flights are stressful enough without the added pressure of picking someone up. Maybe you don’t need to get on an airplane and worry about making advances, or rejecting them.

But, just in concept, is there any cuter meet-cute than the idea of meeting on an airplane ride?

To help facilitate this possibility, Virgin America, the airline that tries to be sexy in everything from name to the weird purple “mood lighting” in the cabin, has just announced a new feature which allows passengers to buy and send each other drinks using the plane’s in-flight texting system.

So if the cute guy in 11F ignores your frequent trips to the lavatory, you’ll be sure to catch his eye by sending him a beer (or a glass of VeeV Acai Spirit, as advertised in Virgin’s press release???). And then, he’ll send you one back. And then, once the plane lands and you can finally reunite at baggage claim, you’ll both be sufficiently drunk enough to strike up a conversation.

And if 11F still rejects your advances, well, cheer up. There’s always the possibility that the weird guy in 23B has liked what he’s seen in your frequent trips up and down the aisle, and sends a little bubbly your way.

You can share it with your friend and seatmate, the lady with the neckpillow.


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