Pickup Lines For Your Waiter Or Waitress That Will Actually Work

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Got an unexpected side of hot sauce with your potatoes? Leave your name and number on a napkin, along with one of these notes:

You brought me lunch, can I bring you dinner?

I ordered a beer because I wanted you to card me. It didn’t work. My name’s _______.

I ordered a beer because I wanted you to see I’m an organ donor. Here, take my heart. (And my number.)

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I ordered a beer because talking to you made me nervous as hell. Please, terrify me again at your earliest convenience.

You’d be the perfect woman, even if your hair didn’t smell like French fries.

I ordered the skate so you’d think I was sophisticated and healthy. Now I’m stll hungry. Pizza burgers when your shift ends?

Is there a non-creepy way to hit on your waiter? If so, please text it to me.

I just kept ordering coffee so you’d talk to me. Now I just have to pee. :/

You get 25 percent of the bill and 100 percent of my heart. Call me?

My burger was great, but YOU are rare and well-done at the same time.

My idiot friend thinks you’re cute. I told him he was wrong—you’re gorgeous. Call me when your shift ends?

Can I sweep you off your practical, orthopedic waitress shoes?

I love it when a girl knows her fried foods.

This restaurant? Luckiest busboys in the world.