TGIF! Here’s Everything You Should Know to Have the Best Weekend Ever

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August 5 marks the 50 year anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death, so let’s remember her by reading her best 50 quotes about love. And since it’s Friday, let’s rock out to our Friday Mix Tape with these 10 karaoke songs to make you feel alive.

Scoping out people on the subway? Here are 20 pickup lines perfect for subway transportation. If you can find a tennis player, go for it! Here are 10 reasons tennis players make great boyfriends and girlfriends. The bookstore is a great place to pick someone up, too — use these 10 pickup lines perfect for the book shop.

If you’re on a date, remember these 10 universal truths that will help you bond with anyone. And keep these 10 ways to impress anyone at a bar in mind. Here’s what you should see if you’re thinking about hitting up a movie (hint: maybe not Celeste and Jesse Forever). If you want to go to the park, check out these 10 ways to make the park the best, most romantic date spot on the planet. And if you’re looking for a really creative date idea and want to get into the spirit of the Olympics, try one of these Olympics-inspired date ideas. If you’re eating something messy in a restaurant (like a sloppy burger or noodle soup), take these tips for how to eat awesome-messy date foods without looking like a slob.

Whatever you do, don’t say these terrible (yet hilarious) things to someone on a date.

How about sex on the couch? (Here’s the best way to do it.)

Going to the pool? Here’s what you need to know about sex with inflatable pool toys.

And if you find yourself with a Stage 5 clinger the morning after? Try these 9 ways to get him to leave your apartment.

Happy Friday everyone!