TGIF! Here’s Everything You Should Know to Have the Best Weekend Ever

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Feel like seeing Sparkle on a date this weekend? Proceed with caution. Whitney Houston might haunt you. Read this to find out what you should really see this weekend. Be careful of these dates, though. (They SOUND romantic but they aren’t.) You could go to the beer garden! Here are 8 reasons you should bring every first date to a beer garden. While you’re at the movies, pick up a French person (here’s why) or an Irish person (here’s why.) But here are the signs that your date, whoever it is, is way too drunk. And here is what you can expect to hear on a date if you’re in the Romney-Ryan camp. On that first date, here are 10 things it’s okay to expose about yourself. (Spoiler alert: none of the things are: your genitals.)

Why not go for a workout this weekend? Here are 8 ways it will boost your butt and your love life.

If you find yourself at a wedding, try one of these (hilarious) wedding pickup lines. Or, if you are so brave, try the boldest way to pick up chicks in the  history of picking up chicks.

If you’re already in a relationship and want to tell your partner you love them, try whipping up one of these “I Love You” foods. They quite literally scream “I Love You.”

For people getting over a break-up, here are 12 break-up books way better than break-up songs.

Ladies, here is a step-by-step guide to hooking up.

To the ladies and the fellas: here is why you should SHH! when your partner goes down on you. If you end up having a one night stand, here are 21 signs it was awesome.

Oh. And everyone stop shaving your pubes.

Happy dating, everyone!