TGIF! Here’s Everything You Should Know to Have the Best Weekend Ever

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It’s officially the last day of summer, which is sad, but that means Halloween is coming up and you’d better have a great couples costume.

Social media has run the reigns of the internet, but should it rule your dating life? We all know people can’t help but post EVERYTHING on Facebook, but sometimes technology lends a helping hand in a relationship. And it doesn’t hurt to share your love story through pictures for all the internet to see.

Don’t be sad if you’re not getting married, especially because now Jesus may have tied the knot. These songs will help you get over love and besides, it’s the National Singles Weekend. But it wouldn’t hurt to try one of these pickup lines on a co-worker. Before that though, take some hints from our favorite Office couples or the best redhead on TV. Or maybe just get a cat or something.

If you’ve got sex on the mind, try and not do it anywhere you can get arrested, but maybe try out some new fetishes that sound fake but aren’t. Here are some lesbian secrets for straight guys and what you probably shouldn’t tell you parents about your dating life. Plus, laugh at love and get confident and engaging because those things are sexy too.

Sometimes, you can’t get a date within your race but that’s okay. You should write a dating diary, or try bi-coastal dating for a change of scenery. Go see a date movie, or figure out what the gay “dinner-and-a-movie” dilemma really is. Don’t forget to check your horoscope because you might meet a Libra and won’t be able to handle them. Also, find out if your stars are aligned for love, or to win a super secret date.

Have an awesome weekend!