TGIF! Here’s Everything You Should Know to Have the Best Weekend Ever

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WhoooOoo’s ready for a 3-day weekend? First off, let’s laugh our butts off with these 20 INSANELY WTF engagement photos that are threatening to destroy the sanctity of marriage.

And don’t forget that it’s Fleet Week! Use these swash-buckling pick-up lines to snag yourself a sailor, or use these 15 smart tips.

Prep yourself for a date by memorizing a few of these funny jokes via beautiful women and brushing up.

If your’e going out to dinner, do not, I repeat, do not order the $175 steak. This woman did, and… it was awkward. Maybe eat one of these 10 super sexy foods! (Just don’t let the sexy food lead to bad sex, or interrupted sex.) And don’t let these restaurant snafus, like long waits and pricy drinks spoil the night. Out with friends? Hit on the waiter or waitress! Here’s how.

It’s wedding season, which means it’s also bachelorette party season. So let’s commiserate about these 11 awkward and bizarre things about bachelorette parties. Single ladies, if you’re going to a younger sibling’s wedding, we know that can be hard, but there are 5 ways to get through the event with style.

Plus: Are you banging a hipster? Here’s how to find out. Are  you doing one of these 10 worst things to do during sex? Hope not!

Hey, ladies. You’re in luck if you’re jonesing for a one-night-stand. Here are 10 tips from science.

And if he didn’t call you back, don’t stress. It could have been one of these 21 (pretty silly) reasons.