The Only ‘Breaking Bad’ Couples Costume Ideas You’ll Need

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Everyone is still all atwitter and on Twitter talking about Sunday night’s Breaking Bad finale. That means, by the end of the month, these are going to be the hottest Halloween costumes at everyone’s bash. Here’s how to do them right, so you’ll stand out from all your friends. Oh, and there are spoilers ahead, so if that’s a problem, maybe you should spend a bit more time with your DVR before clicking on Breaking Bad articles on the Internet.

Lydia and Todd:


The greatest example of true love in the final season of Breaking Bad may well be sociopathic child-murdering Nazi Todd and the calculating object of his affection, Lydia the corporate meth-queen. After all, he did threaten a baby to keep her safe. How many guys are that thoughtful?

Lydia: Blue skirt suit, conservative bun, oversize sunglasses, cup of tea with extra stevia in your purse
Todd: Blond wig, nondescript button-up shirt or Henley with flak jacket, khakis, jar with a tarantula inside and/or lipsticky mug for fondling, unflagging politeness. Dead-eyed stare a must.

Gretchen and Elliot:


To dress as one of those show’s most successful relationships — married business partners for a quarter century! — and Walt’s first set of sworn enemies, your costume is mostly about attitude. If you can pull off both haughty and fearful, you’re halfway there.

For Elliot: Expensive-looking professional clothes with red dots on the chest, lab coats that say “Gray Matter,” an air of self-satisfaction, money. Also tape your ears forward.
For Gretchen: Same as Elliot minus the ears. Add a long-haired wig and astatement necklace.

Jesse and Zombie Jane:


This is a sad one, but hey, creep, they’re all sad ones. This show was really sad. To give Jesse Pinkman an evening with one of the two women he lost as a result of Heisenberg’s machinations, dress accordingly.

Jesse: Skull cap, oversize pants, track jacket, the faraway look that comes with losing everyone and everything you love. For an updated look: beard, long hair, facial scars, a paperclip, chains, and a harness.
Zombie Jane: Black Cleopatra wig with bangs, whitened skin, goth makeup, all black outfit, oatmeal vomit dribbling down your face and front.

Walt and Blue Meth:


If you pair Walt with Skylar, or even Jesse, than you may well have missed the point of that final shot scored to Badfinger’s “Baby Blue.” Walt’s true love is making meth, so for the ultimate BB pair, outfit yourself as follows:

Walt: Shaggy beard and unkempt brown hair, oversize plaid shirt and khakis (because your body had shrunk considerably), boxy glasses, bloody stain on shirt.
Meth: All-blue outfit of your choosing with crystal jewelry. Put yourself in a Ziploc bag at your own peril.