The Tiny Thing A Girl Does When She Thinks You Are Hot

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I am an expert in almost nothing, but I have spent a large portion of my life checking out guys, so I would consider myself somewhat expertish in that field. And there is something that I always do when I see someone I’m attracted to. It’s a knee jerk reaction, I can’t help it: I swoop my hands through my hair. If my hair is up, I put my hair behind my ears.

I am thinking “Oh my God that person is hot, do I look hot right now? I bet my hair does not look hot. I should try to make it hotter-looking with the limited resources I have, my hands.” It’s like I’m trying to match the hot person’s level of attractiveness in a split second.

I have polled other girl friends and many of them say they do the same thing. And I know it seems DUH simple but it’s also sort of like a huge flag, waving in the air, “HOT DAMN, GORGEOUS.” It’s as natural as picking your wedgie or scratching an itch. Seeing a hot guy = quick hair fix. So while yesterday I encouraged you to pay attention to these 10 behaviors before you asked a girl out, today I’m saying, just pay attention to what she does in the instant after she sees you. It’s a tiny gesture, but a very telling one.

Girls, do you do this, too?