Want to Attract Women? Buy A Truck!

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Black Ford pickup truck

As a gesture of goodwill towards everyone who would like to convince women to date them, surveyed 1,000 ladies to determine the sexiest possible car. The winner: a pickup truck, the favorite of nearly a third of those polled. (Hot girl mudflaps and truck nuts are, ahem, optional.) Sports cars were a close second at 27 percent.

Ford narrowly edged out Chevy as the most attractive car make, but black won sexiest color in a landslide. The least dateable vehicle? A mail truck, garnering only 1 percent of the vote. (Who are these 10 women who dig mail trucks? What is their deal?) At 4 percent, UPS trucks are a relative chick magnet.

Men, on the other hand, prefer women who drive red BMW sports cars. If someone would buy me a red BMW sports car, I would happily drive a red BMW sports car. What do you say, guys?

[h/t Complex]