Why Instagram Users Are Disguising Sexy Selfies as #Healthies

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A quick search on Instagram for #selfie returns over 55 million results of everything from bathroom mirror emo shots to duck faced teenagers in the drivers seat. They’re all hoping t0 drum up some positive tributes of admiration from fellow users. As the number of selflies on Facebook news feeds, Twitter streams, and online dating site profile pictures has grown, so has the animosity for these digital self portraits.

A special subset of the selfie, the post-workout picture, is nothing new for those of us familiar with social networking. What’s interesting is the newest way our physically fit friends are promoting their scantily clad physique shots. In order to avoid the negative connotation associated with selfie, these bench pressing egomaniacs are using the hashtag #healthie. Don’t think you’re fooling us for one second. We see exactly what you’re doing here, trying to trick us into believing these sweaty visualizations are only to promote healthier lifestyles while inadvertently featuring your chiseled torsos.

Are we buying this people? I think we are. This isn’t science, but I believe plenty of Instagram users with over 10K followers are posting these pictures on a somewhat regular basis. It’s hard to pass up a tightened bicep with mindlessly double tapping the “like” button. It’s difficult when self-shame ravages your mind as you’re eating an Oreo and suddenly see someone’s abs popping while sitting on a stability ball. No amount of Nashville filter will make them look classier or you feel worse. It’s a miracle when someone shamelessly snaps a photo through the Soul Cycle mirror wall only for you to click through to their profile revealing a swim suit photo shoot from a “modeling job.”

So for now, we’re going to give a pass to the healthies, especially if snapshots like these continue to flood our photo stream. And since none of these people are eating Oreos, you might want to enjoy one or two while scrolling through.

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