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Single Chinese Women Can Now Rent Boyfriends by the Hour

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For every 10 women in China, there are 15 men. In a country deeply rooted in familial structure, the social pressure to snag a mate can be intense for single ladies. Fortunately, there’s now a handy solution in the form of boyfriend rentals! Have a stressful weekend weeding coming up, or a Chinese Lunar New Year celebration on the horizon? Hire a boyfriend through the shopping website Taobao. (Eerily evocative of “toy boy?” I think so.)

Much like Craigslist, itself known for excellence in human resource transactions, Taobao allows men to post their availability, services, and prices. All “boyfriends” must be rented for at least three days, because nothing good happens in only two.

The average fake boyfriend’s cost-per-hour is 30 yuan, or $4.92. It’s a bargain! But on top of that, women must shell out extra cash for hours spent at dinner ($8.21) and shopping trips ($4.92). Movies also include hidden fees. An extra-scary movie sets a girl back double what she’d pay for a typical Rachel McAdams rom-com. Huh, we’d have guessed men would charge more for the chick flick. Further investigation is needed.

Image via Veer