The Midnight Date: 5 Date Ideas for Night Owls

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There’s something about meeting up with someone after 11 that screams “booty call,” but lets collectively drag our minds out of the gutters for a moment and embrace midnight dating.

Some people have jobs that get out late, some people don’t have work the next morning, and some people are just night owls. In other words, traditional date times don’t work for everyone. Luckily, there really is something romantic about wandering around a city once everyone else has gone to bed. And there is something sweet about bidding each other a (relatively) chaste goodnight once the sun has started to come up.

In case you’re in need of a few date ideas for the midnight hours, here are five that will keep you entertained during the witching hour.

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Everyone sounds amazing after 1 am. It’s true. It’s ’cause your vocal chords have had all day to warm up. Have another drink, and you’ll sound even better. Wait til 3 am, and there will be no one around to care what you sound like.

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Midnight Showing

Do you know how many people go to a midnight showing on a Tuesday night? Very, very few. Which means the theater is all yours: sneak in food, make out, and shout to the characters on-screen as much as you like.


Milkshakes and Fries

The beauty of a 24 hour diner is that you can get anything, at any time of night. Which means a 4 am milkshake shared with two straws is totally possible. Or pancakes. Or endless cups of coffee as you talk about anything and everything until morning.

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Midnight Run

If you and your date are athletic, you might enjoy a midnight run or cycle through the city (or country!). Strap on some reflective gear, and zoom through the major sites at night. The city is your oyster track! Afterwards, you can reverse carb-load at a diner. (See #3)


Catch the Sunrise

Everyone knows that sunsets are romantic. But sunrises are seriously underrated, and you probably dont see them very often. Either stay up all night or arrange to meet 20 minutes before hand. Find an Eastern-facing view point, bring a thermos of coffee, and enjoy the view. (Breakfast afterwards, obviously.)