Shakespeare in Love: Pickup Lines The Man Practically Wrote Himself

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Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare! Let’s celebrate with some Billy-inspired pickup lines.

Parting is such sweet sorrow — so you should just stay at my place tonight.

Girl, if you got thee to a nunnery, I’d become a priest.


Some Cupids kill with arrows, some with traps, and some with Miller Lite. Thirsty?

If you go out with me, I promise not to stab you behind a curtain, smother you to death, or pour poison into your ear. :D

I sleep, perchance to dream of you.

You make my heart beat in iambic pentameter.


What’s in a name… without a cell phone number to go along with it?

With me, or not with me.
That is the question.

Let’s pretend we’re a sonnet,
and end up as a couplet.

I’m going to start with your lips and you let me know As You Like It.