8 Really Weird Relationship Dealbreakers from the Lives of Redditors

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Couple in an argument

There are dozens of perfectly legitimate reasons to break up with someone. And then there are the answers this Redditor got in response to the question, “What’s a personality trait or behavior that you discovered about someone you were dating that killed it for you?” From a girlfriend who refused to flush the toilet to a Jesus-loving SO with ugly feet, the answers got pretty crazy.

1. This dude was clearly not mellow with the yellow:

dealbreakers 2

2. From pees to peas:

dealbreakers 3

3. Do Not Disturb. Ever.


4. I guess this is why Wednesday is Hump Day?

dealbreakers 5

5. A frugal boyfriend: Bad. A frugal boyfriend with permanent coconut-bowl: Ban.

dealbreakers 6

6. Are these two dealbreakers related?

dealbreakers 7

7. Maybe she was into baby talk:

dealbreakers 8

8. Have you made sure she isn’t a vampire?

dealbreakers 4

Image via Veer