A Place Where You Can Vent Your Breakup Rage By Smashing Literally Everything In Sight

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Allow me to quote the very astute Fred Durst in one of my favorite Limp Bizkit songs:

I feel like sh*t. / My suggestion is to keep your distance cuz right now im dangerous. / We’ve all felt like sh*t. / And been treated like sh*t. / All those motherf–kers that want to step up. / I hope you know I pack a chain saw / I’ll skin your ass raw / And if my day keeps goin’ this way I just might break somethin’ tonight / And if my day keeps goin’ this way I just might break your f–kin’ face tonight / Give me somethin’ to break.

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Wow, the year 2000 was fantastic, wasn’t it? Anyway, you know the feeling, Fred Durst knows the feeling, Donna Alexander knows the feeling. Alexander maybe most of all — she’s the founder of the Anger Room, a Dallas locale where you frequent only to break anything and everything. You enter a room full of random objects and furniture (wearing a safety suit and goggles) and are free to bust to bits anything you want.

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5 Minutes (“I Need A Break”) costs $25, 15 minutes (“Last Out”) for $45, and 25 minutes (“Total Demolition”) is $75. It looks a little something like this:

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 When I first saw this video, I thought, “man that looks really unhealthy and I don’t think I’m a violent enough person to truly enjoy (and pay for) a chance to just beat the hell out of everything in my path.” But the more I watched the more I thought of time when I have been ANGRY and it might have been helpful to take out my rage on a room full of stuff rather than my cat or my mom or the woman who works at Walgreens or whatever.

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So yeah, I’d use it. Hopefully only the “I Need A Break” therapy session, though. But who knows — a reallllly bad day might call for something more.

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If you’re angry AND you’re not in Dallas, perhaps scoping out the Anger Room Video Gallery will ease your tension. If not, there’s always Fred Durst.