10 Moves That Will Wreck Your Marriage, According to Judge Lynn Toler from TV’s “Divorce Court”

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No one goes into a marriage hoping that it dissolves. (Unless they have serious issues, that is.) So what are the warning signs that you’re headed for divorce court?

Judge Lynn Toler — who you may know from TV’s Divorce Court — shared with us some insightful no-nos that, in her experience, have afforded people trips to her court. They are:

1. Touching somebody who isn’t your spouse in a place that is usually covered by clothes.  People cheat. They get comfortable. They get caught. Then they see me.

2. Fooling around on the inter-net or your phone when you have an easy passcode to figure out.

3. Fooling around on the inter-net or phone in a manner that would get you in trouble if your spouse did figure out the code like sending or receiving pictures of private parts.  It happens all the time, even to people who aren’t in congress.

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4. Spending the household money on personal idiosyncrasies.  You wouldn’t believe the number of people I see who regularly gamble away the rent money.

5. Letting your mother tell your spouse how to run your house.

6. Running home to your mother every time you have a problem.

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7. Ladies: talking too much.

8. Men: not talking enough.

9. Taking your marriage for granted in a way that leads to bad sex, boring sex, or the 800 pound gorilla: no sex.

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10. Being a jerk to your spouse.  A lot of men and women end up seeing me because they treat everybody in the world better than the person they are married to.  It is called a Marriage License, not a Bill of Sale.

What do you think of Judge Lynn’s list? Anything you’d add? Anything you disagree with?