Nightmare Alert: Married Couple Discover They Are Twins Separated at Birth

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lukeA couple in the UK just had their marriage annulled after discovering that they were in fact twins separated at birthHorrifying, traumatic, and sadly, not even that rare, especially with the prevalence of donated eggs, sperm, adoptions, etc. (This seems to happen a lot  in the UK…because…it’s a small island? I don’t know.)

The couple in question, like others who have found themselves in similar situations, have opted to remain anonymous. Obviously. What a personal, private, and terrible thing to go through — to have to separate from your husband not because you disagreed or weren’t in love or had relationship issues but because you biologically had to. And do you maintain a relationship with this person who is, in fact, your family? Just become siblings when you had a sexual history and, obviously, a sexual attraction to each other? It certainly doesn’t help things that this topic is so taboo but one could be forgiven, I think, for still wanting to be married to the person they didn’t know was their sibling.


[Married Couple Discover They Are Twins Separated at Birth]