Photographer Recreates Her Failed Relationships to Uncover What Went Wrong

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After numerous failed relationships, photographer Jennifer McClure decided to take a deep dive into her past in an attempt to uncover any common patterns that led up to each breakup. The brave artist restaged her experiences in various hotel rooms — bland locations that symbolized the lack of romance in her actual relationships — in order to blur the lines between past and present and come face-to-face with the lack of control she had over herself.

“Recreating my breakups and opening all of these old wounds has had an unexpectedly positive effect on the way I go about dating today,” McClure tells The Date Report. “Relationships are a collaboration, and I can’t be the writer, director, and star of the show. I’ve learned that unreasonable expectations will only lead to disappointment. I’m much more accepting of both other people and myself.”

Here’s a look at Jennifer McClure’s You Who Never Arrived:

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