These Break-Up Kits Come With Chocolate, Booze, and Condoms for Every Stage of Heartbreak

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Last year, graphic designer Mackenzie Prather’s then-boyfriend ended their nearly two-year relationship — through a text message. But Prather got the last word: Out of that dick move came “Flourish,” a line of “break-up kits” Prather designed for her senior thesis project. The (sadly) fictitious line includes four color-coded mini-kits designed with “‘unapologetic boldness” to help her fellow jilted souls regain their confidence.

Each kit deals with a different stage of heartbreak: The blue kit, for grief, includes a lighter to “Burn Absolutely Positively Everything;” orange and pink kits come with chocolate, tissues and a bottle of booze for “empowering nights out and quiet nights in respectively;” and the red kit, dubbed “You Got Single, Now Mingle,” comes complete with a pocket mirror, condoms and a flask to help heartbreak recoverers conquer the single life. Prather’s Flourish kits are a testament to her mantra: “Being fabulous is the best revenge.”




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