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This Gross App Lets You Bet Money On Your Friends’ Impending Breakups

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Friends Winning a lot of Money at Casino

Now you can bet on whether your couple-friends will break up, thanks to the very handy Forever Not app. Because nothing makes you feel great about yourself like cashing in on people you supposedly care about who are in pain, I guess? You knew those two were terrible for each other and no one listened and now you are vindicated! They are sad and you are a person who bet on their demise, but you were right. You were so right.

Basically, it works like Tinder, except it’s the opposite of Tinder: instead of hooking you up with strangers you might like to date, it shows you pictures of people you know — it’s connected to Facebook — and lets you predict whether or not they’re doomed. Swipe left if you think the couple is in it to win it (“Forever”), swipe right if you think they’re destined to break up in the next 30 days (“Not”). The ratings are anonymous — you’ll still have friends when it’s over — and while you don’t have to use real money, you can use real money. And if you’re gonna do this, I say do this. I mean, are you confident about your bets here or not?

Creepily, couples don’t know they’re on the app — unlike Tinder, nobody signed up for this — but then, that might be for the best. As the Daily Dot points out, “finding out that most people have no confidence in your relationship is probably not an affirming life moment.” Another probably not-life affirming moment is the one where you find out your friends are using this app.