Watch The Entire History Of A Relationship, As Told Through Text Messages

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In modern dating, it’s a given that our failed relationships will live on long after our breakups, thanks to the paper trail left by hundreds of thousands of text messages sent, saved, and obsessively reread.

Life In Text, a short film by filmmaker Laurence Jacobs, paints a poignant picture of our inability to let go of exes we’ve already, well, let go. After 20somethings Ben and Haley break up, Ben sends Haley a string of horribly emo text messages that go unanswered (think “If I told you I was genuinely depressed from not speaking with you would you believe me?”). Ben can’t bring himself to send yet another text — “You there?” — and instead decides to revisit their entire text history, encountering messages that depict milestones (“I GOT THE JOB!!!!!”), trivialities (“It’s okay to eat eggs after they expire right?”), sweet nothings (“you make my heart MELT when I see you”), and many, many emojis.

Technology will never allow us to truly escape our past relationships again. But, as Life In Text suggests, sometimes we don’t want to forget.