These ‘Tinderfessions’ Might Make You Swear Off Tinder Forever

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Tinderfessions is a dark corner of the web where Tinder users can anonymously submit the sexy details of their adventures in swiping as if they were on an episode of Taxicab Confessions. Read on for a feast of juicy stories about their funny hook-ups and sordid mistakes:

There’s the classic stranger danger:

But we can’t deny it: Tinder is strangely efficient (you can pick someone up at the grocery store!).

Maybe it’s a little too efficient though, because who hasn’t made these brash mistakes while swiping right?

Sometimes, those profile pictures we see can be deceiving…

But maybe it’s the weird stuff that makes the best impression?

It really doesn’t matter though, because people are generally on Tinder for one thing.

And even if you don’t get some, you come to terms with that rejection.

But it’s not always about sex. Everyone just wants to feel desired (and a little powerful) once in a while: