Actress Maria Bello Is Dating a Lady

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Seven years after her divorce from TV exec Dan McDermott, Maria Bello realized she was in love with her best friend, Clare. Amid some confusion, the two women decided to take their friendship to the next level, and are now happily in love. They’ve even established a “modern family,” as Bello calls it, together with Bello’s ex-husband Dan and her son Jack, sharing in dinner most nights and piling into the van for Jack’s soccer games most weekends. If this is a modern family, then Maria and Clare are definitely the Mitch and Cam of the bunch.

Bello never considered herself a lesbian, and still today labels herself “whatever,” paying homage to something her wise-beyond-his-years (and liberally-educated) son said. When she nervously told him about her romantic involvement with Clare — who was already like a godmother to Jack — he smiled and said, “Mom, love is love, whatever you are.”

Wow, this sure is the time for marginal public figures to talk about dating a member of the same sex but not really come out and say, “I’m Gay!” Three’s a trend! Who’s next?

Image via The Q