Is Justin Bieber Actually Retiring?

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During the last few hours of Christmas Eve, Justin Bieber tweeted a series of messages to his fans announcing his retirement from the music industry and ruining Christmas for Beliebers everywhere. But is the news all that shocking, or is it just that we don’t care anymore?

His original tweet, “My beloved beliebers I’m officially retiring,” only received 311K retweets, which, granted, is way more than a tweet about my cat hula-hooping — but Biebs has 48 million followers. Just over one percent of his followers took notice of the first tweet, and his follow-up got fewer than 200K retweets. Are his “fans” even paying attention?


Some say Justin’s tweets were only to stir controversy in promotion of his new movie, Believe, which has already been declared a “flop” by box office majors. So, does anyone “believe” Bieber’s retiring? Does anyone care?

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