Jessica Biel Dreams About Losing Her Teeth Because Justin Timberlake Is Driving Her Crazy

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Jessica Biel

Actress Jessica Biel recently told Variety that she occasionally dreams about her teeth falling out. “I chew and I’ll have to spit out hundreds and hundreds of teeth. There’s no way that it’s all mine. It’s like I have teeth in there to spare,” Mrs. Justin Timberlake elaborated, proving conclusively that nightmares are contagious.

Creepy? Yes. Significant? Maybe. Any psych major worth her weight in cigars that are just cigars can tell you that this is actually a very common dream, one that Freud himself discussed in The Interpretation of Dreams. Losing teeth has been widely theorized to symbolize a loss of power and control, as well as sexual repression.

We’ve watched Biel blossom from the teenage star of 7th Heaven to a respected thespian known for her iconic turns in award-season bait like Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. While she is by any standard a Famous Person, Jessica simply can’t compete with her mega-celebrity husband. It’s hard to imagine that the clear imbalance of star power in their marriage wouldn’t be stressful.

From what we know of Jessica and Justin’s private life, it’s not like she’s without cause for sexual anxiety. Rumors of JT’s infidelity have plagued the couple since they started dating in 2006. In fact, the terms of their pre-nup require him to pay her $500,000 if he should cheat (or at least get caught cheating) while they’re married. Maybe Biel’s subconscious is trying to tell her something about the state of her relationship that she wouldn’t otherwise admit to herself.

Wow, will you look at the time? Our hour really flew by this week, Jessica. Expect my bill in the mail.

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